what graphics card will fit in my Dell optiplex

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Aug 24, 2006
  1. i have a dell optiplex gx240 2.0 pentium4 512mb ram
    my question is how can i upgrade my video card it has 1 agp slot with a old 128mb ati rage but it is way smaller than todays cards and most new cards wont phisically fit in my computer case. i went on ati website and it recommended a radeon x1300 pro but that is way too tall to fit into the verticall agp slot (compter lid wont shut) has 2 horizontal pci slots that i could use but i really dont know much about pci cards any ideas other than running my computer with no lid- by the way my set up now i can play battlefield 1942 on medium settings i want to max out the settings on that game
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    you need a low profile card here are some links

    Newegg has several other low profile AGP cards but those are the only ones I could find that include the smaller bracket (some of the others may offer it as an accessory from the manufacture for an extra charge but I am not sure of that or which ones would) that you need for the card to fit your case. There is one extra step in installation. You must remove the fullsized bracket and install the low profile one (this is simple and involves removeing and replaceing the two screws holding the bracket to the card). Other than that it's just like installing any other AGP card.
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    Before you start looking into low profile video cards, make sure your power supply is powerful enough. I had an Optiplex Gx110 (a lower model), which was older, but only had a 110 watt power supply. You should have a t least a 250 watt power supply for a decent card, although the websites like newegg should let you know the requirement.
  4. chaz7R

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    found a half height xfx nvidia ge force 6200 256mb agp card for $90 with the correct plug is this a decentcard or deal other than using a pci slot
  5. cfitzarl

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    The GeForce 6200 is a lower end version of its parent card, the GeForce 6600. As long as you are not into heavy gaming it should be okay. Also note the fact that the 6200 is the best card you can get for the pci slot, although it is cheaper to go with agp. As I said before, make sure you have the proper power supply (listed inside the computer on a box where the power cord goes into).
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