What happened to DDR3?

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Oct 17, 2009
  1. In early 2008 I built a rig based on an Intel DX38BT mobo that required DDR3 memory. Bought the board from Tiger Direct in a package that included 2 gigs of non-compatible RAM. Got that ironed out. Had the board replaced by Intel once when it would not recognize the graphics card. I ran it with a RAID 1 array for a while, but was constantly rebuilding the array. Broke down the RAID array and it is still glitchy. Goes int repetitive reboot mode. Clearing the CMOS will usually correct that. Long story short, I am giving up on the board. So I start looking for boards that would allow me to use my Q6700 CPU and DDR3 1066 Dram. There are not many mobos I could find that support the DDR3. I did find an MSI X48C board that will accept the DDR3. What happened to DDR3, was it just abandoned? Does anyone have any experience with this board and MSI in general? Any other recomendations for boards that meet my criteria? I want a working machine to try Windows 7.
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    When it comes to DDR3 I believe if you get DDR3-1066 you won't notice much of a preformance increase over DDR2-1066 if I remember correctly. I'm not too keen on Intel Board/Processors/Chipsets ect,ect...

    Anyone, feel free to correct me if I'm wrong. =)

    I would suggest you getting a solid DDR2 Board so upgrading to DDR3 can be done when the RAM becomes a bit cheaper. =)

    I can help you look for a new Board if you wish but I'm not too sure of what I would be looking for.
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    Thats because Q6700 wasn't around when DDR3 was popular, now DDR3 and supporting motherboards are commonplace..

    And this is the wrong socket I think...
    Using a power-search for only Socket 775 and DDR3 support, I got this list: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Produ...Value=3879:40150&PropertyCodeValue=3879:31642
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    DUH-me! You're correct HK. My bad... :eek:

    But as you say, DDR3 boards are now commonplace.
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