What is my IP on the Internet???

By LeChuck
Aug 5, 2005
  1. Hello :wave:

    I'm inside a LAN and when I try to play some internet game (access internet through gateway) I get some connection failure and stuff. Some game report the IP set on to the "Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)" properties, but on the www.whatismyip.com as in the GameSpy as well I get a second IP, an external one... There seems to be no proxy servers or firewall installed, except the WinXP built-in firewall (I'm no networks expert or something). How come I can easely play small games like MS Internet Backgammon, but have big problems when playing a big game like Heroes of Might and Magic 4? I mean, if I have an IP then I should be able to connect to any other computer, right? (by the way, I can't even play through the direct TCP/IP option either...)
  2. tdeg

    tdeg TS Rookie Posts: 119

    Is the LAN your own or are you on someone elses?
  3. maritrunks

    maritrunks TS Rookie

    I think you will need to open some ports on your router. You need to check with your router configurations and open the ports that are required by your game internet settings. Most likly your router IP is, so you will have to type that in either IE or Firefox (any Internet Browser) , then login in as admin, and go in to application port forwarding.

    It all depends on your router, and how you configure it.
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