What is the best antivirus ( total security software)?

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I used bitdefender total security 2010, but i have been infected by the virus win32.sality.E, and BD just blocking it either not cleaning it on the system.

also what is the best virus removal software.


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Do you just want an answer? Because there is no 'Best.'

If you would like help with a malware infection, we can help with that. We ask that you run these preliminary removal program first, then leave the 3 logs for out review. The logs should be attached to your next reply. Please do not start a new thread for the logs.

You will find the steps HERE.

When the system is clean, we'll be glad to make recommendation for security programs. Keep in mind though- that no matter what or how many security programs are on a system, the user is always the first line of defense.


along that line of reasoning, are you logging on as ADMIN and surfing the net? duh!


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i have been infected by the virus win32.sality.E

You are infected with a polymorphic file infector. This infection can and will infect all the machine's executable files .exe, .scr, .rar, .zip, .htm, .html. Because there are a number of bugs in its code, it may create executable files that are corrupted beyond repair resulting in an inoperative machine.

Malware experts say that a Complete Reformat and Reinstall is the only way to clean the infection. This includes All Drives that contain following files:

Backup all your documents and important items only.
DO NOT backup any files mentioned above.

I suggest you do the following immediately:

* Call all of your banks, credit card companies, financial institutions and inform them that you may be a victim of identity theft and to put a watch on your accounts or change all your account numbers.
* From a clean computer, change *all* your online passwords -- for email, for banks, financial accounts, PayPal, eBay, online companies, any online forums or groups you belong to.
* DO NOT change passwords or do any transactions while using the infected computer because the attacker will get the new passwords and transaction information.

For more information on Virut, and why you need to reformat, have a read of miekiemoes blog here.

To find out how to carry out an XP Reformat and Reinstall, please see this page. If you are using Vista, then check this page instead.

Once you have reformatted and reinstalled Windows, have a look at this page for some useful tips on staying clean, along with links to some freeware to help.

To find out more information about how you may have got infected in the first place, you can read this article.

I am sorry I cannot give any better news.


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Broni, while I agree with you about the need for reinstall for malware infection in the Virut polymorphic category, I think I have him double check on the infection like this:

  • Make sure to use Internet Explorer for this
  • Please go to VirSCAN.org FREE on-line scan service
  • Copy and paste the following file path into the "Suspicious files to scan" box on the top of the page:
    • c:\windows\system32\userinit.exe
  • Click on the Upload button
  • If a pop-up appears saying the file has been scanned already, please select the ReScan button.
  • Once the Scan is completed, click on the "Copy to Clipboard" button. This will copy the link of the report into the Clipboard.
  • Paste the contents of the Clipboard in your next reply.
Also scan these,


n0tepad, while you may end up with the reformat after all, I try to confirm first. If you do got to VirScan, please paste the results in your next reply- But let's check to make sure.
I'm using Avast! Free Antivirus 5.0.The new version has been released on their website. It s a freeware.You can register yourself on the avast website to receive the registration key.They provide timely updates.It s fully legal n it generates a virus recovery database to report avast about the new viruses.To detect n delete malwares on your comp use malware bytes.Another free software .N a powerful tool to clean your comp of malwares.I use these softwares myself.


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mikelangelo11, this thread has been set up for cleaning. If you had read the information, you would have seen the recommendations.
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