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what kind of case do i get ??

By sabenfox
Jan 3, 2004
  1. ok, i just went to a computer store to get a case for my dual p3 motherboard. To my suprise they have no cases that would work with it because of the way the motherboard is designed,
    ie : where the built in sound cards are put and so on. So i could just take out the whole metal thing that keeps them in there, but then dust would easily build up. So i looked to see what kind of case i would need for my new p4 2.6 motherboard, and suprise it's another non-standard. i'm so ****ing pissed. Anyways does anyone know where i can get a case that supports


    that is the picture of the motherboard. If you click next image it will show you the setup of the built on sound, the usb, built on network card and so on. Obviously it's non-standard so i'm going to need a different panel or whatever it's called. If anyone can tell me where to get these panels or cases or something i'd appreciate it. I'm so freakin pissed it's crazy.
  2. Nic

    Nic TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,519

    I can't see any problem with that p4 mobo. Looks like standard ATX model, so most cases should be able to accomodate it. Most mainboards come supplied with a suitable I/O Shield (where the openings for the ports go) that slots into the case, so if you still have the one that came with your P3 board, then all should be fine. Sounds as if the person you spoke to at the computer store doesn't have much experience with PCs. If you have lost your I/O Shield, then you'll need to contact the manufacturer to see if they can supply a replacement.
  3. sabenfox

    sabenfox TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 20

    well the board i got was an oem board and i was told that they don't come with i/o shields. The way the person put it that i was talking to he made it sound like i wouldn't be able to get an i/o shield without getting a whole new motherboard, so i looked on ebay yesterday and i found one. Lots of stress relieved =P
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