What PSU for 8800 SLI?

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hi there,

was just wondering if this psu would run two 8800 ultra's in full 16x sli,
or if it would even run two 8800gts or above.

EZ Cool 700W Tornado PSU - http://www.ebuyer.com/product/133113

Btw i'm in uk, dont really wanna spend loads on a psu, so any recomendations for another psu for around £60/ 120-139 usd would be very helpful, if the one mentioned above is no good

cheers people :)


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I'm afraid that your 700 watt psu just won't cut running two bodacious
8800's in SLI mode. You're better off spending a little more and upgrade to a 1000 watt SATA/SLI ready power supply. Those things can really draw some juice. Although the requirements are around the 700-800 watt range, it may be okay for idling, but once you tax them out, you're going to get the NVIDIA power warning.
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