What relatively new games can my PC run?

By wirm
Jul 22, 2005
  1. Hi folks,

    Here are my system specs:

    Dell Dimension 2400
    2.4 Ghz Celeron
    512 Mb RAM
    Intel Extreme Graphics 3D Integrated

    I've ordered a FX 5500 128 MB PCI card, and expect it in a week or so.

    Currently, my computer runs really slowly on games like Unreal 2k4 and Battlefield 1942. I didn't even bother trying Halo or BF2. :hotbounce

    But with the addition of a dedicated video card, do you suppose I will be able to run Unreal 2k4 reasonably well at low resolutions?

    What games do you think I would get reasonable frame rates from?

  2. Tedster

    Tedster Techspot old timer..... Posts: 6,002   +15

    I have an FX 5500 card and I can run doom 3 at med/high resolutions. My FX5500 card is AGP though.

    Integrated video isn't meant for gaming - only productivity.
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