What's my local NAS bottleneck?

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May 11, 2012
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  1. So I just set up FreeNAS on my LAN. I have a Linksys router.... I believe everything is 10/100 but for some reason its transfering at about 8.61MB/s.

    Now before I start posting all my equipment specs, would anyone know right off the bat what my bottleneck is, or give me a clue how to figure this out? I'm apparently not thinking properly enough to figure this out at the moment.

    BTW, everything plugged in... so I'm not transfering wirelessly.
  2. LNCPapa

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    You're transferring at almost 70 mbit - your network is probably your bottleneck. Are you sure there is no additional activity on your network? You should be able to reach between 80-90 if nothing else is going on and the rest of the environment is lean. If everything is working absolutely great I would say you can even reach mid to upper 90's. See if the system sending files has plenty of CPU cycles available by opening your task manager. Also, are you transferring lots of small files or one big file? Larger files will transfer faster than a bunch of tiny ones. At most you can expect a file transfer speed of about 12 MB/sec on a 100 mbit network.
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    Adding to what LNCPapa said.. 100Mbit ethernet, in a perfect world, in perfect conditions, with no network issues whatsoever - will only ever transfer data at 12.5MB/s. Check your ethernet cable, make sure it is terminated correctly, seated correctly in the network card & the switch/router you are plugged into. Try switching ports on your switch/router - sometimes ports can randomly go bad. Again as LNCPapa said, try transferring a large file, maybe an .iso file over 200MB - so you can see transfer speeds over a longer amount of time. Hope this helps!
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    Thanks guys. I've been transferring anything from small documents and photos, to large Zips, and ISOs, AVI, MKV, files. I'ts taken nearly 14 hours, literally, for somewhere around 400 gigabytes.

    Now, please note.... you guys have helped me understand that I'm looking at 10/100M as megabytes per second. This is obviously wrong, and I realize the mistake that I have been making in interpreting what my LAN speeds should be.

    Like I said, for some reason I was not in the correct state of mind earlier to figure this out on my own and both of you guys have helped me understand where my confusion was based.
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  6. Trillionsin

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    I've made a mistake in this post, so I've removed it.

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