What's next for the iPhone? Larger screens, budget models discussed

By Shawn Knight · 7 replies
Jun 13, 2013
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  1. Following the unveiling of iOS 7 at Apple's WWDC earlier this week, the focus now turns to hardware - as in, what’s next for the iPhone? Well if you believe the latest scuttlebutt on the block, Cupertino is exploring the...

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  2. m4a4

    m4a4 TS Evangelist Posts: 956   +515

    Cheaper price for the standard edition. Oh wait, this is apple we're talking about -_-
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  3. MilwaukeeMike

    MilwaukeeMike TS Evangelist Posts: 2,891   +1,224

    Good question. Normally I'd say so they can include the newest things in each model, like newer camera/IR/NFC/Waterproofing/wireless charging etc, but Apple doesn't put multiple features in like Android phones, so who knows.

    The screen size debate always surprises me. There's a sports guy I listen to on the radio in the morning who's a huge Apple fan who actually sold his iPhone 5 because he didn't like the bigger screen. Apple may decide in the future that in order to cater to more people they'll have to come out with a few different models. We'll have to see how the S4 mini and HTC One Mini sell. We've already seen the iPad mini do well.
  4. Adhmuz

    Adhmuz TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,829   +634

    None of the Above! But it will cost the same as it always has, TOO MUCH. This I like "Unlike Samsung that is content to flood the market with a bevy of devices and play the ?see what sticks? game, Apple is different. They will invest years into a single product until they get it exactly how they want it." Key word is at the end there, the way "they" like it, pretty much why I never gave two shits about Apple. Because they truly don't give any shits about they're consumer as long as they sell they're crap, they are happy. And instead of flooding the market with a variety of products that consumers can choose from, choice is beautiful thing, they make one device which everyone wants??? I guess I can never work in marketing cause I don't get it.
  5. soldier1969

    soldier1969 TS Booster Posts: 244   +43

    I'm going from my Note 1 with a 5.3 inch screen to the Note 3 this Fall with a possible 6 inch screen. Hopefully Samsung will come out with their foldable/rollable screens they showed a few months ago soon. Going past 6 inches imo is too big, I'm a big guy above average hands, some people see my Note 1 and still freak out even though its been out for 15 months now.
  6. ReederOnTheRun

    ReederOnTheRun TS Booster Posts: 304   +62

    That's the beauty of it. Samsung designs new quality phones annually, but they don't limit them to one niche. They go nuts with it. It's more complex to do, but the end result is a lot of great choices for every consumer. It definitely beats releasing a slightly modified version of your last phone every year.

    Luckily, Apple is seeing this and is starting to follow Samsung's lead. Apple has fallen a bit behind in the past few years, but maybe if they swallow their pride and take a few hints from the competition, they can get their edge back again.
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  7. Apple does fine with the way they have been handling their business. I recently purchased an IPOD 5th Generation 32GB. I love that device. I like the design and I love the music playback quality. You cannot go wrong. As far as screen sizes go, I put it this way. Apple's retina display is over 2 times the resolution of any other screen on the market in it's class. So I did a test. I took my friend's Samsung G4 and held the phone 1 meter from my face to use for 30 minutes surfing the net. Then I did the same thing to my IPOD Touch. The result I had less eye strain with the Apple product then I did with the Samsung product. Why. the screen quality and resolution. So does Apple need a bigger screen, not really. It will only eat more battery power.
  8. iNumber buttons, iDial button, iMenu button, iOff button, iTelescopic iAntenne (iMotorized?)

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