What's the best wmv to mov/m4v converter?

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Jun 12, 2008
  1. I'd like some opinions on the best wmv audio/video converter to mov/m4v or H.264

    I have a bunch of videos I'd like to import them into iTunes and then later on sync them with the iPhone when i get it.

    I have about 10GB mostly wmv some avi, I'd like to do batch conversion so I can just walk away or do it at night while I sleep.

    I've tried a few programs in the past, but I'd like something that is top notch, and somewhat easy to use.

    Thanks everyone! Sorry if this post is in the wrong section.
  2. gamerguy53

    gamerguy53 TS Rookie Posts: 42

  3. zynizen

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    Thanks for the recommendations, I'll try them out.

    After trying this out, it works great actually, however.. the file size is almost twice as big.

    orig format: wmv audio/video
    original: 35mb
    video size: 800x600

    output: 62mb
    video size: 640x480
    codec: h.264 mp4
    audio: aac

    is there anything else that will basically convert to a somewhat closer file size, storage will become a problem if I'm limited to the 16GB on the iPhone, but also want to view them on my iTunes library if im at the computer.

  4. zynizen

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    Does the pro version have better compression?
  5. gamerguy53

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    I believe the pro version has slightly better compression if you select ipod format over customized mp4 from the free version. I compared video converter free v2.6.0 and DVD converter pro v3.5.3
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