This mashup proves Michael Scott would make "the world's best" Commander Shepard

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Just for laughs: At my age, cynicism has tempered my sophomoric sense of humor to the point where I can at least swallow before laughing at something juvenile. So, I rarely encounter a situation that triggers a spit take. Today, this changed, and I'm still finding coffee spots across my desk that I need to wipe up before they stain.

To know what I mean, watch at least the first 10 seconds of the masthead video. But I suspect you'll want to watch the whole thing after that first 10, and you should, especially before reading on because I'm about to drop some spoilers that will ruin the gags.

YouTuber eli_handle_b․wav (Eli) devotes his spare time to "green screening" television and movie characters into iconic video games using the Adobe video editing software After Effects. This latest puts "The World's Best Boss" Michael Scott from The Office aboard the SSV Normandy from Mass Effect to great comedic effect. It is by far his best work yet.

The opening that caused my spit take was classic Michael Scott and was funnier than the original scene borrowed from The Office. And the laughs didn't stop there.

Michael freaking out and telling everyone to "stay calm" while he completely panics when the Normandy is shot down is very well done. I loved how he shoves Ashley into the flames so he can get to the exit door. Then the cut to the surveillance camera footage of him running down one of the ship's service hallways sells the scene.

The video is the best one Eli has posted so far. Most of the others feel like trailers, whereas this one, with its very clever The Office/Mass Effect theme music mashup and the somewhat cohesive scenes, comes across more like a mini-episode of a show I would eagerly watch regularly.

Also, some effects are more refined and mature than his previous matchups. For instance, note the scene where Michael uses the puppet to punch at Joker's face while he is flying the ship. Joker's blinks are in sync with each punch, which sells the idea that Joker is just trying to ignore Michael's childishness. Also, the slight camera wobble throughout the video gives it that documentary vibe that The Office used.

If you want more, you could try Eli's Austin Powers/Mass Effect part 1 (above) or part 2, which aren't bad. There are a variety of others to browse through as well.

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