Whats the difference between a Switch and a Router?

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Apr 8, 2006
  1. Im trying to connect my Playstaion 2(video gaming device) to play online. I have a DSL connection, but my DSL modem does not have a Cable(RJ65) to connect directly to my PS2 so i searched online to solve this and i found out that i need a router to connect my PS2. When I went to the computer store(some cheap store) it didnt have a router, but theres a Switch device(from 'D-Link') the store casher told me its used to connect multiple PC together. its used with ethernet cable.

    I would really like to know if a switch is the same as router, or if I can connect my PS2 using a switch.

  2. Tedster

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    switches FIX an IP address to devices.

    Routers can change the IP address.
  3. Nodsu

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    That's just plain wrong.

    A switch is a device that connects network devices and essentially forms the network. It doesn't know or care about IP addresses - it only deals with the specific kind of network it is connected to (ethernet usually). Sometimes you can share an internet connection with a switch (needs a certain kind of ISP network and that the ISP is stupid or doesn't give a damn).

    A router is a device that knows about IP addresses and TCP connections and can do advanced things like filtering and changing packets. A router doesn't care what kind of network it is connected to and can connect your ethernet LAN to the WAN of your ISP for example. Home routers come with a builtin switch. Usually you need or want a router to share your internet connection.


    Some more info needed here. What sort of an internet connection is it? What do you want to achieve? Share an internet connection between your PC and a console?
  4. glenn_rolek

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    Im using a DSL modem for my internet connection.(not sure if that answered what u need coz i already mentioned it. plz ask if it doesnt)
    im trying to play online on my playstaion 2 console and i want to connect my DSL modem through a router because my DSL modem doesnt have an ethernet cable to connect it directly, I also dont know if i have to use my pc to make this connection.
    i cant find to buy a router (i found one online) but the computer store have a switch witch i thoufht could work as a router.
  5. Spike

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    It depends on your modem. If it's a usb modem, you haven't got a chance of connecting it to a switch.

    However, if the DSL modem you're using connects to your computer by Ethernet, then you could probably share it through a router/switch. If it's USB, then you'd have to connect it to your computer and use internet connection sharing to share it to your PS2, but that means your computer has to be on if you want the ps2 to go online.

    If you have a credit/debit card, you can pick up a DSL router quite cheaply, which is the option I would always recommend.
  6. Samstoned

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    yep need a cheap modem router
    check with your isp if you got the modem from them you should be able to have it switched for a modem with RJ45 connection
    you can just tell them your machine that you have now does not have a working usb port or you need that one port for something esle
    if you got the modem yourself you are out of luck and should get the right one docsis with dual connections like motorola SB5100

    then a straight set of cables and both machines wil get online
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