Where Do I Get The Latest Hardware?????

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Dec 25, 2007
  1. I need HELP i want to play world of warcraft but it keeps saygn Please install a 3D accelerator card with dual-TMU support.


    Name: Matrox millennium G450 Duel Head
    Manufacturer: Matrox
    Chip Type: Matrox G450
    Dac Type: Intergrated,360 Mhz
    Approx.Total Memory: 32.0Mb
    Current Display Mode: 1024 x 768(32 bit)(60Hz)
    Monitor: Defualt Monitar


    Main Driver: G400d.dll
    Date: 8/17/2001 14:56:00
    WHQL Logo'd: Yes
    Mini VDD: G400m.sys
    VDD: n/a
    DDI Version: 7

    Somwone pleaz help me i barly got the game and i really want to play it PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!=/
  2. Didou

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    Try downloading the latest drivers from the Matrox website. If it still doesn't work, it means the game needs a feature that's not available on your VGA card & that you need to get a newer one.
  3. luigy03

    luigy03 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Buy A new VGA card?
  4. are you running a desktop or a laptop?

    i'm going to assume a desktop. and yes. if you can, i'd suggest buying a new one. but to know exactly which one, we need to know what motherboard you have.

    or if it's a laptop, dont waste your time because you can't upgrade most laptop video cards.
  5. luigy03

    luigy03 TS Rookie Topic Starter


    motherbored how i chek that?
  6. if you have the model number of the computer, then you can just google it and find the model motherboard you have. or you can give us the model number and let us figure out the rest.
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