Where does the OE messages exported file go?

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Oct 10, 2007
  1. Hi to all.
    Windows XP - Outlook Express - File - Export - Messages - OK - All Folders - Wham they are done.
    Now where are they? How can I now import them into Vista Mail?
    Cheers and TIA.
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    They go to an Outlook profile somewhere in your profile directory. You can then select that profile when you start up real Outlook and have your messages magically appear in Outlook.

    You are better off using the method mentioned above if you just want to copy or back up your e-mail.

    Also, you would be way better off not using Outlook Express (or Outlook) at all! These programs are a security and networking disaster plus very limited, featureless and anti-userly.

    Consider Thunderbird as the better mail program.
  4. bazeel

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    Thanks to both of you for your help. I'll let you know how it goes.
    Cheers, Basil.
  5. bazeel

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    Copy OE 6 email messages to Vista Outlook

    Hi to all.
    I followed the instructions at the link provided and had no problems creating a copy of the .mbx files to a folder. Then I copied the folder from my flash drive to the Vista system desktop. I opened Outlook (version 2000 the mail program on the Vista system, and the clicked 'File' - 'Import messages'. There is a selection for messages from OE 4 or 5 (none for 6) so I tried it. The response was that the folder couldn't be opened. This is really frustrating.
    Any help will be appreciated. Thanks in advance. Basil.
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    you sure?

    File > Import > messages.....

    maybe try reinstalling it or updating...
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    Hi and thanks for the link.
    The mail program being used on the VISTA system is OUTLOOK not WINDOWS MAIL as shown on the .jpg image of the above link.
    It was installed as part of Office 2000 that was installed on the Vista system. How do I activate Windows Mail on the Vista system?
    Tia - Basil.
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    outlook 2000?? i think exporting from outlook express (current version is 6) only to 2003 and 2007... 2000 is way too old, its before outlook 6 came out, hence no option for it.

    windows mail in vista is just that, type in "windows mail" in the start bar and click on it.. it is the sucessor of OE.
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    Thanks - that explains it. I will activate Windows Ail and go from there.
    Cheers, Basil.
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    Windows Live Mail

    I Used Windows Mail to import the OE6 email messages and all was fine except it couldn't access the recipients list. I downloaded and installed Windows Live Mail and it is all working beautifully. Thanks to all for the help.
    Cheers, Basil.
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    No worries mate :)
    have fun
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