Which GPU to get? Nvidia or AMD?

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Nov 14, 2010
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  1. captaincranky

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  2. AwesomeTech

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    Here's one thing I like about your criticism: It's written in a nice way.

    About that "NO ONE helps me". Well I know that if No one would help me I couldn't do this. And that's also what I meant. I meant that I don't care if I don't get help. Then I can't build a computer, because I don't know enough. I mean it's not the end of the world to NOT build a computer.

    The 3 Threads are only there, because not a single person replied to the first one. The second one was more of a discussion thread between GTX 480 and GTX 580, and this is the third one. Please tell me if there's a way to delete the 1st thread, then I will do so.

    I insult everyone? OK I don't see where I insulted anyone except CC. If you can give me examples, then OK. But I don't see it... at least not right now o.O
    Well, I know that others here have much more knowledge than me. I'm not denying it. I mean, that's why I ask people for help.
    The thing I just hate, is people like CC, who write things up like he did, when he doesn't know anything about me at all, except that I want to build a computer. And that seriously annoys me, because he might have experience in this stuff, and know everything, but he doesn't even know my situation. He didn't even read the whole thread, or otherwise he wouldn't have said that I can buy whatever I want and my parents will pay it.
    And it's true, I might sound a bit angry/mad sometimes when I write, but that's when I am angry, and that happens to everyone, doesn't it?


    Oh and by the way, thanks for the help on the Motherboard.
  3. captaincranky

    captaincranky TechSpot Addict Posts: 12,999   +2,529

    Ya jus' gotta have the last word, dont cha....?
  4. AwesomeTech

    AwesomeTech TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 32

    Seriously: Alright!
    I am sorry that I insulted you, but I mean, who doesn't get angry if people tell them "All I see is a child who thinks that his mouth is connected to his parents wallets." And all the rest as well.
    Man, you say that people are trying to help me, meaning also you, but then why do you say I should go away and build it myself, without writing on this thread. At least that's how I understood it.
    About that "can someone please find me a Mobo"... Yeah, sorry, that's a bit demanding, and that's the thing you said "doing the fishing for me". But I've been looking for Motherboards over and over, and I thought before posting up 10 Motherboards and asking about them, I could just ask for some advice on good motherboards. I didn't expect people to do research on a good motherboard, but maybe some people who owe one with an i7 CPU, so that they could tell me how their Motherboard does.
    I'll try to not sound commanding or demanding or whatever anymore when writing up things, OK?
    Sorry again, I just got a little pissed by your post (and I now you said you don't care if I'm pissed...)
  5. captaincranky

    captaincranky TechSpot Addict Posts: 12,999   +2,529

    If you have 10 boards picked out, then begin the selection process on your own. That should weed them down at bit, to where to you might reasonably expect us to help fine tune the decision.

    When all the shooting is done, you will be the one who assembles this mess. With that said, I've seen people go through a thread, think they knew what they were doing, and then wind up destroying a motherboard by simple ignorance of process, particulars, and technique.

    With THAT said, a simple forum thread is not really the place for a crash course in computer building, and there are many resources on the web, that will teach you just that.....I took advantage of them before I started, and my best advice is, "so should you".

    With everybody's first build, I think expectations are unnecessarily high, and somewhere there is the ghost of, "the best computer ever", goading them on.

    As DBZ pointed out, (when you turn an X-58 motherboard upside down, they all look alike), (although not in that terminology), it just becomes an issue of what you can afford, and what you have access to. I say, "don't look at anything other that Asus, or Gigabyte". Were you to take that advice, you'd probably have less that ten boards to choose from. See how that works?
  6. AwesomeTech

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    even though I'll take your advice, I still don't like your style of writing. I dunno... I just don't like it... at all...

    I know the basics about computers (OK that sounds like I feel awesome again... so: ) I think I know the basics about computers and some things a little in depth, but I just don't know everything.

    And I just learnt about stuff I didn't even know existed by making this thread.

    Oh and seriously I don't think I'm Mr. Awesome. I mean I don't think I'm a total fail either =P
    I just don't walk around saying I am so awesome and no one else is and I know everything...
    I might appear like that, and maybe my name makes you think that, but I'm not... dunno if you'll believe me or not...
  7. Leeky

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    I suggest you purchase a book/manual detailing how to build a computer. Most decent bookstores/amazon will sell them. In there it will answer the vast majority of questions you have.
  8. AwesomeTech

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    Alright... then thanks everyone for helping =D
    Wow I don't even know 1/8 of what I need to know about computers... probably 1/800 would be more accurate...
    Maybe captaincranky was right after all... I should first inform myself... Even though I thought I did... Well I did, but obviously not enough...
    So again, thanks to you all...
  9. red1776

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    This should help, its a step by step:

    Just remember to double check everything three times ( connections) and get a anti static wrist strap...or frequently touch a metal portion of the case to discharge any static electricity prior to picking up components. In other words, do not go shuffling accross a carpeted room in rubber souled shoes with your CPU prior to installing it :)
  10. AwesomeTech

    AwesomeTech TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 32

    haha ok yeah i did do some research before joining techspot and that was one of the first thigns i found out =D
    thanks for the guide man =D
  11. Relic

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    Sounds like you watch Family Guy :haha: .
  12. red1776

    red1776 Omnipotent Ruler of the Universe Posts: 5,224   +164

    is that where i got that from Relic?:p:haha::wave:

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