which home theator can be connected to dvd and computer both.

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Mar 14, 2005
  1. i want to buy a 5.1 home theator for my dvd player(can i connect it to my dvd player). can i connect 5.1 home theator to my computer also. if no which home theator can be connected to both(2.1, 4.1, 5.1). can you also tell me which jack has these three home theators use.

    i have amw s99 dvd player with 5.1 dolby digital decoder and 1 optical jack 2 rca for audio and 1 for video.

  2. olefarte

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    If you want to listen to you DVD player through speakers you will have to have a reciever to do that, a surround reciever to get 5.1.

    Yes you can hook up your receiver to your computer. If you have a sound card with a digital output, and a DVD player in your computer, you can get 5.1 sound from that. I have mine set up that exact same way, I hardly ever use my computer speakers anymore. I listen to internet radio and play games using my home theater speaker system.

    If you have a sound card with digital output, you will need a mini jack to RCA plug wire. Run this from the digital out on your comuter to a digital in on your reciever. You will probably have several digital inputs on your reciever. On the front of your reciever, set to the matching input. On your computer sound card control panel, set to Digital Output Only. You should then have digital output to your reciever.

    You can also use the analog outputs of your sound card for stereo or surround, but surround requires running more wires and a reciever with the appropriate inputs, digital would be a lot better.

    Take note that if you set your computer sound to Digital Output, you won't hear anything over your computer speakers, as long as you have it set for Digital Output.
  3. sourabh

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    can i use 2.1 with my dvd player. and computer both
  4. olefarte

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    Yes. No problem there. That only requires setting your reciever to whatever you desire. The digital output sends the signal and you and your reciever decide what you want to hear.
  5. sourabh

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    i have no reciever, only i have a dvd player can i connect 2.1 or 5.1 without reciver. i tried computer speakers(400 w) with that they work great. only when i had bought a cable with one side rca(male) and other side miniplug (female) and coverted the rca into minijack. can i connect 2.1 with the same or not. which jack does 5.1 has( is it optical) then i have optical jack in my dvd player with 5.1 decoder then why i didn't connect directly without a reciever. please tell me, i am so confused.
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