Which laptop shall I buy?

By andi_kam
Jul 11, 2005
  1. Finding it hard to make this decision so as an self respecting bad decision maker I let you make the decision!

    Samsung V25 -
    P4 2.8GHz 512MB 40GB CD-RW/DVD 15" XPH
    64mb Intel Graphics Card
    memory type: SDRAM
    £650 (Approx. 1,133)

    Sony Vaio K415B -
    Celeron 2.93GHz 40GB 512MB 15.4" X-Black DVD±RW XPH
    ATI IGP 345M chipset integrated graphics - 128mb shared.
    Memory type: DDR SDRAM PC2100
    £720 (Approx. 1,255 usd)

    Both have all the usual connections - wireless, modem, firewire, usb etc.

    Which one would you recommend, and what is the difference between the various processors? M? Celeron? Centrino?

    Thanks for advice ;) :rolleyes:
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