Which video card you prefer?

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Mar 24, 2008
  1. Im looking fior a new video card and i have an amd athlon 64 3000 processor i hear alot of people say ati with amd what do you people say? also i see ati has a bunch of manufacterers i hear good things about powercolor is this a good brand? im thiking about buying a powercolor video card. Thank You. PimpMyPc
  2. Matthew

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    ATI merged into AMD in '06.

    What are the rest of your PC's specifications and what are you looking to do with your PC? Planning on upgrading your motherboard, CPU and RAM anytime soon?
  3. pimpmypc

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    na im not upgrading motherboard ram or cpu. my comptuer is still fast for few more years prolly till the next windows version in 2010. blackcomb. i have 1 gig of ram ddr pc 3200, amd athlon 64 3000 lights fans jetway motherboard agp 8x 256mb max slot so i ended up getting this card it looks good and the price is in my budget tell me whatr you think http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814131039
  4. mailpup

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    Powercolor is a good brand in my opinion and I've bought a couple of their cards. Your first post says you're thinking of buying it but your second post less than an hour later says you already got it.
  5. pimpmypc

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    ye i decided to buy it good thing people say its a good brand will it be a big difference between that one n a 64mb on board junk one? like will it boot faster wat will be faster
  6. pimpmypc

    pimpmypc TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 111

    btw nice specs
  7. Bruce2

    Bruce2 TS Rookie

  8. mailpup

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    Thanks about the specs. Graphics intensive programs like games will run faster but the X1550 should not be considered a great gaming card. Keep in mind that although the brand is good, the X1550 is lower level card. I doubt if it will boot faster. The CPU and RAM would have more influence on boot speed.

    As long as you are not expecting to do a lot of high end gaming with it or CAD/CAM work, that card should work fine for most anything else.
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