White Horizontal line on top of the screen

Ganesh Ujwal

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I am getting White Horizontal line on top of the screen.
I plugged out signal cable, those white horizontal line is gone:D. but I plug in switch cable, horizontal line appearing on top of the screen:'(, so what's causing this?


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Could u give some specs what monitor and video card, what operating system? what computer?


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I see GeForce 210 but no GTX 210 when I searched in Google. Anyway, what connection are you using? I haven't seen it mentioned yet. If you're using DVI, try VGA or DP. To be thorough, have you tried connecting the monitor to another computer?
This can only be one of the 3 things, the first two is what you hope for, the third is costly.

1. The lcd cable assembly is loose.
2. The inverter card may need to be reseated
3. The lcd itself has a thinline crack and needs to be replaced