why does my broadband connection always drop at a certain domain?

By tkteo
Jun 22, 2004
  1. In case the following info is useful:

    Operating System: Win2K Pro with Service Pack 4
    Browser: IE 6
    ISP: Insight Communications
    Modem: Motorola SB5100
    Router: Netgear RP 614v2
    Ethernet Card: 3COM 3CR990-TX-97

    My cable broadband connection keeps on dropping whenever I visit http://sports.yahoo.com/

    After I visit this site I cannot surf other pages even if they are on other domains. And the only way I can restore the connection is to reboot the system. releasing and renewing the DHCP using ipconfig /release and /renew does not work.

    What could be the reason? In fact I am able to post this message only after rebooting the system after another unsucessful attempt to browse that yahoo subdomain. As long as I do not visit that subdomain everything is fine.

    Please advise!
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    I would think MTU 1492 is better
    what about TcpWindowSize
    mines 30440 dsl reports
    maybe you can get a router firmware update
    my MTU is set in the reg and in my router
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