Why does the unlocked 4th core kill my 3D graphics

By maddmatt02
Dec 7, 2010
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  1. I have been playing with my new build and have overclocked the integrated 4250, and it GREATLY improved the 3d scores in passmark, and gave a small boost in the 2d scores as well. (aside from the 3d directx10 test where I cant break 1.25 fps no matter what).

    I unlocked the 4th core and left the gpu clock alone, and 2d graphics continued to improve just a bit (sub score up to 596 from 595), but 3d took a huge hit! 3d sub score dropped from 174 to 104...

    I havent run prime95 for very long, I think it was maybe 15 minutes the longest. but it didnt have any errors, I have just been running it for a while and then if it lasts that long I would OC it some more, check temps and try prime again and figured when it would fail id start to step back and run it long term.

    *edit - if you know the problem, will it only affect integrated graphics and not an external graphics card down the road? it will get one someday, and with the huge increase in cpu benchmarks leaving the 4th core unlocked Id like to leave it that way, but not if the graphics will take this hit even with a real graphics card.
  2. Tedster

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    if the cpu was locked on a core - it means that core was tested to be unstable or unreliable at the factory. unlocking it does not mean it is usable.
  3. maddmatt02

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    well, I had it unlocked and OC's with no errors ever, good temps, and cpu benchmarks show it beating it by FAR as a higher clocked triple core. just 3D benchmarks receive lower scores when it is unlocked...

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