Wi-Fi cards

By GNS1310
Sep 3, 2010
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  1. I need to buy 2. One for an older computer and one for my new build, both will be for PCI slots. I have a wireless G router now, but selling that to a friend and switching to Wireless N.
    Wondering if this will do this trick or if I should be looking for something else.

    ...and while we're at it, can I some help picking the right router?

    If it helps...
    I'll be running 2 desktops PCs, a laptop, my Droid Incredible, PS3, and Nintendo Wii...need a solid fast signal.

    ...and for post #4...I might add this...for internal bluetooth and usb
    and get one pci for the old desktop and one usb for inside the new build.
    Or maybe 2 usb...need input!!!

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