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Apr 18, 2009
  1. My wi-fi connection is not working in my laptop. I am using Windows Vista / HP Pavilion dv6000 / 32-bit operating System / processor: AMD Athlon(tm) 64X2 Dual Core Processor. I have performed ipconfig /_all and I have pinged the router. I have an IP address. I get the 4 packets sent and 4 packets received. I have manually placed the ip address for the Netcard to link to the router through its properties. But nothing happens. once I change it to detect manually I can get on the internet for about 3 minutes and then the connection disappears and I am unable to log back in..but now nothing happens at all. I have two pc's on ethernet cable to the router they are fine. I also have installed and ethernet to the laptop but I still cannot get on the net. I have installed the 802.11 a/b/g/ WLAN driver for the laptop that I downloaded from HP. It doesn't even install as a driver in the network section or detects wi-fi. I am at a lost.
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    CAVEAT... I am not an expert...
    Just have my own small home network...
    set up by myself... for me, wife and stepson.
    I am not using vista, so I am no help there...
    Does vista have any networking wizards?

    Given the caveats
    It sounds like you are trying ot manually configure your network.
    This is doable and desirable in some circumstances, but...

    (Maybe I have misunderstood you... If, so I apologize.)

    In my opinion, it is usually best to let the router assign the IP...
    Each computer that is connecting will be given an address
    which will look something like... 192.168.1.n,
    where n will be a number usually between 2 and 254/255.
    No two computers may have the same IP.
    If one is manually configured to have an IP,
    and that IP conflicts with one the router has automatically assigned
    (or has been manually assigned to another workstation)
    then you have problems.

    I would start by checking IPs of the several machines you are trying to connect to the router.

    If the VIsta "wizards" are missing or not helping...

    You may be able to find more help already posted to the questions of others,
    by browsing or searching in the Networking section the TechSpot.

    I hope this helps.
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    thanks..but that is how I obtained the IP...the router assigned it...
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    Hi -

    Reset IE 7/8 to default settings -
    START | inetcpl.cpl | advanced tab | RESET

    Please run msinfo32 and save as an NFO file -
    START | msinfo32 - save in NFO format (default file extension)

    Zip it up & attach to your next post.

    Regards. . .


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    use DHCP instead of manual settings -- that way it will work for more connections
    without fuss.

    > Each computer that is connecting will be given an address which will look something like... 192.168.1.n,

    however, the default router address is dependent upon the Vendor;
    see this list
    see https://www.techspot.com/vb/topic55006.html

    Apple Airport      (use the Airport Admin Utility)
    Dlink, Netgear
    Using DHCP will then allocate a unique number as the last digit for the above in the range YOU DEFINE.
    Valid range is 2 > x < 254
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    I performed PING (the nic card itself) my NIC is not operational. I had a general failure. I had figured that was the problem. I uninstalled it, and rebooted my laptop. Vista re-installed it. I did another ping and it failed again. Is there some way to install another NIC CARD instead of the one I have in there?
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