Wi-Fi stopped

Not only has the wifi stopped working I don't even see the list of available networks anymore. I must plug in the Ethernet cable to access the internet. I think I may have a virus. I just purschased this laptop a few months ago. It is an Acer Aspire


First, ensure the driver is healthy. Use the command prompt to run devmgmt.msc,
[+] expand the Network Adapters and the NIC and WiFi devices should be there without and red/yellow flags

You might look for driver updates for the WiFi

What make/model is your router? Have you undated it YET?


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Hey josephy59. Do you see the wireless connection icon in the system tray?. Does this laptop have a switch somewhere on the case that can switch the wireless adapter on and off that might have been accidentally turned off?. Some laptops have such a switch in addition to using the Fn key + another labeled key to turn on-off the adapter.
None of Fn keys are for the adapter. There are no switches on the case of the laptop either. Unless I plug in the Ethernet cable the icon in the system tray shows no internet connection.