Wierd Mouse Issue - Windows PC and Mouse

By able6actual
Jun 4, 2014
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  1. I purchased a wireless mouse made by Logitec to replace an older wired trackball style mouse I was using. The new mouse used a bluetooth dongle. That mouse didn't work well with a CAD program I use so I uninstalled the software for that mouse and went into device manager and confirmed it was not listed as a mouse there. I shut down my PC and plugged back in the older trackball mouse to use till I can find a better solution. When I turned the PC on to boot windows saw it and installed the basic windows driver it installs. I have the latest full mouse driver software for the mouse ( downloaded from Microsoft) that I used in the past and I installed that. No reboot after installation was needed and the mouse worked for the rest of that day.
    Here is were everything got weird ...
    I booted my PC the next morning the mouse cursor moves when I use the trackball but when I click the mouse to open a program on the desktop ( like a pdf file) it will open the file but I cant click to close it. None of the quick launch programs I have will launch ( if I click them nothing happens) The start menu will not open when I try to click it. Right mouse clicking seems to be uneffected and works normally.
    Now for the really odd part. If I do a Control Alt Delete, as if I wanted to access the task manager, lock the PC or change users the mouse works fine there. when I click cancel to close that area and return to the desktop the mouse will then work normally on the PC.
    Anyone heard of such a thing?? or have any ideas? I have uninstalled the software and the mouse three times so far and even have tried it in another USB port and it still does it

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