WiFi isn't working but ethernet is

My computer is able to connect to the internet through an ethernet cable, but no devices besides my tv is able to wirelessly connect at all. The internet doesn't even show in the Choose A Network tab on my Ipad.


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What is the make and model of the router or modem you are using? What type of internet connection do you have (DSL / Cable / Satellite / etc). What have you done so far to try to correct this problem (reboot equipment, change settings, unplug then re-plug equipment, etc.)? Need to provide more information before anyone can really try to help.


So the TV has WiFi connection, but no other device can even see you SSID?
Sounds like
  1. router is set to hide (not broadcast) the station id
  2. other devices have wifi disabled.
On (1), best choice is to log into the router and enable Show SSID, but even with it hidden, devices just provide the SSID (Which is CaseSensitive) and the known passphrase.

On (2), especially laptops and iPads, you have to enable WiFi as they try to save battery by disabling it.