Will this card be OK for Gaming?

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Jun 7, 2005
  1. I currently am looking to upgrade from my crappy Intel Extreme Graphics onboard video to a better AGP card. I have at my disposal an NVIDIA Quadro4 700 GXL card. I know it's a little older and whatnot but it's free and I'm cheap. I understand that this card is marketed as a workstation card and not necessarily for gaming. It's more for CAD and graphics applications. However, will it give me some advantage over the onboard video card when it comes to playing games? If you need more info on the card itself I dig it up, just let me know.

    I also have at my disposal an Nvidia NV34 FX5200 128MB video card but from the looks of it the quadro4 looks to be more pewerful. Any insight you can give me would be greatly appreciated.

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    You should be able to use the Quadro with the Detonator drivers which gives you a better speed in games... I'm not quite sure if they'll work out of the box, or if you need to do some tweaking. I'd do a search, but I have an exam in 12 hours which I need to study for, so I'll just point you in the direction of the search function on this forum, nvnews forum and nvidia's official forums...

    And you're quite right in thinking that the FX5200 isn't much of a step up from you current onboard graphics (but anything is better than Intel ExtremeGraphics)...
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    I help


    Frankly speaking i dont think you should get that..It would not make such a great difference.I have been playing for 14 years and have realised what is the right things to do.Well if your getting it free go for it.If your spending get a proper card nowdays they are getting older and cheaper.Be patient dont waste money.Everyday new cards show up.um.. i think maybe zebronics fx5500 they are cheap + 256 mb ram which most games require now.If u dont wish to give that much money save up or soemthing. And btw grabrilliadi which exams you have? cuz meto. lol

    Trust me
  4. OzzmosisDSM

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    I agree with you, Black, but like I said these cards are free. I already have them I'm just trying to figure out which one would give me a little boost. I'm not into hardcore computer gaming, I play games on my PS2 for the most part. I'm just looking for a little help when playing Delta Force Black Hawk Down and Raven Shield. These games play just fine on the crappy intel extreme graphics onboard, but if I can get slightly higher resolution and less choppiness out of one of these cards then why not? I'm not looking to spend any money at all, I just got married 2 weeks ago and I have a little one on the way. So unfortunatly my money is better spent elsewhere.

    I have three cards I'm looking at now. I have the NVIDIA Quadro4 700 GXL (64MB), an NVIDIA Quadro2 Pro (64MB) and an NVIDIA Quadro FX 500 (128MB). Which one would be a better choice for gaming? Like I said, I know these weren't intended to be used for gaming but I'm just looking for a little boost. I've looked at the specs of the two cards but I'm not to familiar with what I'm looking at.
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    Alright thats cool then get the one you want seriously.If you have them.Honetly speaking i have xbox and ps2 etc aswell but trust me there are no games in these world as good as u get in pcs.Why dont you start a Pc empire instead of ps2? they gona change new ones come and go pcs last longer..Well anyway its not my place but experiance speaks.

    I have played black hawk down etc. my cousin does not have graphic card and he plays with extream graphic ythe one you were talking about.It works very well on it.. if u wanna play just black hawk down... its going to make NO DIFF.

    Some times you have to beleive on yourself.Dont ever be ask others of what they dont have you never know what might happen.. you canot blame them either..

    Well anyway nice talkin to u il be monitoring your thing.. if you need any other help dont hesistate.

  6. Black_lotus

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    Ohh yes i did a little research.. i would suggest that nvidia 128 because with those you can even play with games which require 128 ram whcih u do nowdays.More ram does not necessarily mean better but atleast meets min spec.I am not saying it will be bad could be good aswell. Also most games nowdays like Ea etc have partnership with Nvidia graphics and they make games which work best with their cards although ATi is good aswell.So NVIDIA FX 500 128 IS THE BEST.

    Nice to hear.GL with your little one.

  7. Black_lotus

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    You know currently my card has 64 mb + from what reviews i can see for Fx500 its seems its one of the best ards for work station.Your card is much better than mine i think... yet i play more GRAPHICAL GAMES which work well. youll be fine.. i know i have msged a lot of times it just i am finsing good stuff.

    Is it PNY fx500 quadro or fc500 quadro just wonderin..It has 8x aGP? what ever it is.. its good if its fc500 pny than thats one baby ur highly under estimating and if its just fx500 then that the best prtogrammable entry level graphic card you can have yet goood graphics...lol... i wish i had that hahahahah

    cu for today.. i gota watch movie
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    please stop your monologues in bad English, nobody even answers them...

    If you have more to say, and you are the last person to post in a thread, use the 'Edit' button in your last post and add new comments or whatever under the 'old' text. Then hit 'Save changes'.
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    Thank for the advice Black_lotus. It was actually very helpful. I kinda figured the fx500 with 128 would be better and meet the min requirements for few games. It's gotta be better since it at least has 128MB dedicated RAM as opposed to the intel using non-dedicated system RAM. It is the PNY Quadro FX 500 8xAGP, and it seems to be a very good entry level workstation card. Heck it's even a little pricey compared to my standards. Like I said, it's free so I can't complain, just need something better than what I have.

    I currently have a 2 year old and he's a handful so I can only imagine what it's gonna be like having two running around, should be interesting.

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    no problem ozmosis. Good to hear that you agree.I was just trying to help.Gl with your Young One - hehe star wars.

    real black stuff whats your problem? its not for you anyway and i type faster than you ever will :p. the point is to GET THE POINT ACROSS. it does not matter that i need to have perf eng.I do but i hav tons of other work to do other being incredibly stupid for doing nice work for people and then being insulted by comments such as that.
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    Read the last 2 lines in my signature....
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