Win 2k does not recognize my cd drives

By Bishop
Jan 6, 2006
  1. Have a win2k machine. When i go into MY Computer or Disk Management the cd burner (set to slave) and the cd rom (set to master) are not shown. if i go into device manager the drives are shown under DVD/CD Drives. they are shown in the bios and can boot off them. its just the OS does not see them. Also, i changed the transfer mode on the second ide channel in device manager, rebooted and same result. OS does not see them. I even changed the cd drives and same thing, os does not see it. need help with this one. thanks.
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    Ok, so i did some searching around and found the solution to my question.

    Adaptec knows what the Hibernate problem is with the 4.02 update. It
    > > is a
    > > file called "cdralw2k.sys". When 4.02 is installed it adds filters to
    > > the
    > > registry so that this file is used instead of "cdrom. sys" which comes
    > > with W2K. When the Adaptec software is uninstalled the registry is
    > > not reverted to use "cdrom. sys" and
    > > hence the Hibernate problem continues and you lose access to your
    > > CDROM Drives. You have to edit the registry to stop the Adaptec driver
    > > after uninstall. The critical keys that the software leaves behind
    > > after being uninstalled are in:


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    > > In this section you will find two keys called "UpperFilters" &
    > > "LowerFilters". You will need to delete both of these keys and reboot
    > > to
    > > restore win2K to the default CD driver. You should also search for
    > > other
    > > keys containing "cdralw2k" and "cdr4w2K". If you find any delete the
    > > keys and then delete these two files AFTER the reboot. Note you-cannot
    > > delete the references to these
    > > in "ENUM" as they are generated from the class driver, but they will
    > > not be
    > > there after the reboot.

    credit goes to Brian Hiers: that post was posted Aug 29 2000, 2:00 am
    thanks Brian.
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