Win 7 BSOD graphics card related (dxgkrnl.sys)

By mudsliptones
Oct 10, 2011
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  1. Hy,

    I'm gonna tell you what happened with my computer...

    I was playing deus ex human revolution and from time to time I got a BSOD. Sinc it was really sometimes and not allot I didn't bother to check wich error came back.
    I then started playing some other games without problems, but then I bought Rage. I installed it and it didn't work. I installed the latest catalyst drivers (11.9) and tryed the game. Game started up but crashed again later on, but thats not the issue.
    I went on to play a game that was already installed, and been playing it the days before without problem. When suddenly I get a BSOD... I get one everytime I restarted the game.
    So I figured the catalyst driver was false, so uninstalled, installed the previous one...
    Computer didn't booted up, again BSOD. Safe mode worked. The I started reverting back to an older image (I take acronis back ups) Same problem, either a BSOD on boot, right before the welcome screen, or a BSOD in windows when I try to open firefox(!!!!) Explorer does work however...
    So I formatted the entire drive, fresh win7 install, installed the 11.8 drivers (wich I knew worked) and yet...the same BSOD on start up or when starting firefox...

    I am at a loss here.
    I installed bluescreenview, so take a look at the minidump. I tryd uploading it but the size is to big... so please check the attachment

    I already cleaned out every dust particle from the comp. I took out some Ram modules.

    My specs are:
    Samsung 500Gb 7200rpm SATA II 16Mb (502LJ)
    Corsair 4096MB DDR2 800Mhz XMS6400 (2x 2Gb)
    ASUS P5Q-E,s775 ATX,P45,DDR2,PCI-E
    Intel Quad Core Q9550 (2.83GHz,1333MHz,12MB,BOXED)
    SAMSUNG 22x DVD-Rewriter (S223F) zwart SATA

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