Win2000 upgrade to XP Pro - User Problem

By rjcarter
Aug 31, 2005
  1. I upgraded a PC from 2000 to XP Pro. The PC has 5 users on it (Administrator, Liz, Ron, and Guest). If I log into user "Liz" and then right click the "Start" button and then click "Open", Explorer opens and the path shows "C:\Documents and Settings\Guest-1\Start Menu", all other ID's show "C:\Documents and Settings\" user id "\Start Menu". This is very confusing for Liz as all files are being placed in the wrong directories. I have no idea how this happened. Does someone know of a way to correct Liz's account? In Win2000 (and now in XP), Liz is an administrator and installed the OS and all software. When I viewed the registry I see Guest-1 in keys for paths thur out it including her current user keys. In the other users I only see "Guest-1" in keys other than current user. Any help is greatly appreciated.

  2. Samstoned

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    try going back to add new users change account settings and reset the password for that admin account ,may force it to back where it belongs.
    ps I am new to xp,just did fresh intall
    had to fix admin settings already
    wow I post too fast
  3. jobeard

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    you can rename the login anyway you like from the CP-> Users Accounts,
    but the files stay where they are.

    There is a VERY complicated 'regedit' to rename the directories,
    but I highly recommend against it! It's just too easy to mess-up

    To make it easier to locate "Liz", use an Admin Account,
    make a shortcut to the existing directory,
    rename the shortcut to Liz,
    and move to \Documents and Settings\

    Navigating via \Documents and Settings\Liz will always land in the correct place.
  4. C0d3Warr10r

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    Another workaround

    When you are logged into another account that had admin. priviledge, locate the folder C:\Documents and Settings\, highlight the folder,right-click, & select Copy. Then paste the folder into the root of your C drive. Rename the folder to something intuitive (I suggest Liz_Profile).

    Now go into your control panel and create a new user named Liz and give that account admin. priviledge. Go to Start->Log off. Then sign on as Liz and navigate to the folder we copied to the root of your C drive. Cut & paste this folder to Liz's desktop.

    Note: Make sure you have enabled viewing hidden files so you can see all the hidden files/folders in the profile. Make special note of the folders: My Documents, Favorites, and Desktop. Move the contents of these folders into the corresponding folders in Liz's profile (path: C:\Documents and Settings\Liz\)

    If you have Microsoft Outlook configured to archive old emails, you will also need to move her archive. By default, Outlook puts a file named archive.pst into the directory C:\Documents and Settings\[USERNAME]\Local Settings\Microsoft\Outlook. Move this file into the corresponding folder in Liz's profile and you should be done.
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