Win2k Professional Operating System

By newkid
Feb 4, 2004
  1. Hi there !

    I am new born kid of the Microsoft world. But have curiosity to know how the operating system(win2k) works and how is it different from the other windows operating system ? I keen to know all the things which is related to win2k professional specially the networking part. So, i thought to intiate a form where we can share all the information related to the Operating System.

    I have seen many peoples who just know how to operate the respective operating system but when asked what is the use of the particular service/processes they said... go and ask the software giant, he will let you know why he created the services.. Or many other wild answer.

    So much said... Now, can anyone tell me.........

    Ques : What is the need of windows 2000 professinal ?
    Ques : How is it different from Windows XP, Windows NT 4, windows 98, Windows 95 ? And Why it comes into the picture ?

    Please share your views and comments that will be helpful for the guy like who want to know the basics.

    With Thanks !
  2. Nodsu

    Nodsu TS Rookie Posts: 5,837   +6

    The primary need for W2k pro was the purpose of any company - to make profit. And you make profit and stay ahead of competition by realeasing new and (marginally) better products.
    It is radically different from Windows 9x since it is based on Windows NT architecture, rather similar to Windows XP (Windows XP is based on W2k)

    Since your interest is very general you should do some background work and maybe ask more specific questions when they arise..
    You can start satisfying your interest in the guts of the beast here (scroll down for Windows links). A course on operating systems would serve you better though. Or a visit to your local library. There are brick thick books about Windows OS, explaining things much better than any forum community.
  3. newkid

    newkid TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 30

    Thanks Nodsu for quick reply and the lovely URL.

    Very well said.... Nodsu, I am doing my homework about Win2k Pro.. I bought one book and reading its architecture and other features of Windows 2000.

    Well.. as far as specific questions are concern then there are zillions in my mind... Few of them, I already posted on this community.. Problems are really weired on this OS. For instances, you weren't getting any single error on installation of the application but when you trying to run the applications, it simply not working.. How come ???????

    Nodsu, my intension of opening this new thread is only to exchange the information which one can rarely find in books(not in one particular books). Form Community like Net-Integration have lots of helping soul and they have very good understanding of any Windows operating System. It was the sole reason to open this thread..

    Software giant, are not working on the errors which they faced in their previous version of Operating System. All they do or doing is launch a new product in order to make money..
    Please share your views also..
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