Win98 and more than 128 MB

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Hi everybody ,

i heard that use more than 128 MB(256 MB for example) with win98 is impossible.Win 98 will recognize them but not use them!
I also heard that there is a sentence to add in the the reg to allow win98 to use more than 128 MB :(
could someone confirm?



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I believe it's 256 that Windows 98 doesn't like. Anything over that 98 cannot utilize so it is a waste. I believe there is some kind of helping tip on this problem, but I can't seem to find it right now. I'll keep looking and post my results later!!!


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Both are true, Maximum PC ran a test on this, if memory serves me, 98 and ME couldn't use over 197 meg's of ram efficiently. 256 was ok, however going over that would not increase your system performance but decrease it.....go with 256 and no more with 98. 256 + is fine on 2k and XP.


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If you would have used the search feature you would have not needed to post such a question. Rick posted a most excellent response to a "Win 98 memory above 512meg" query earlier in the month. Every question you asked in your post is answered in Rick's response in this thread.


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Thank you SNGX1275, I tried looking, but for some odd reason couldn't find that thread. I had a hunch that we had already talked about it though.

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Windows can use as much RAM as you stick in, the only problem is with 9x which has a vcache releasing problem when 512MB + is installed, using the MaxFileCache= can fix that. Adding the ConservativeSwapfileUsage=1 will also ensure it makes greater use of RAM as well.


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512mb is the most you can use with any Windows 9x!! Microsoft originally told everyone that Win95 could have up to 4gig of RAM! But at that time noone had any more than 64mb, so this theory was never tested!
Cant go 512mb+ with 9x

Hope this answers your question;)
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