Win98se - "Access to specified device, path or file is denied"

By scottie916
Oct 12, 2005
  1. I recently encountered this problem AFTER I tried to upgrade my Java RunTime from JAVA 2 se v1.4.2_06, build 1.4.2_06_b03 ** To: J2 se Runtime Environment v5.0 upd 4.

    All icons ( desktop, start bar, within folders, etc. ) have been changed from their original icon. Double-clicking gets me the "RunDLL32.exe" message.

    IF, I am lucky enough to right-click the icon, open the properties, hi-lite the "run" parameters and paste that into the Start -> Run command, I can run the "icon" program "OK".

    ANYONE's assistance in resolving this issue would be appreciated.

  2. PFJ

    PFJ TS Enthusiast Posts: 112

    I had a similar problem with my old PC running WIN98SE after using one of those 'Registry clean' programms. Luckily, it did back up the registry before starting the task and I was able to import the missing registry files again.

    Perhaps, your registry has been upset by the Java addition. Try 'System Information' > 'Registry File Checker' scan or 'Registry Checker'.

    I'm no expert - but I was always able to bring the WIN98SE back to life unlike my current WIN XP OS which warrants an entry into Techspot on an almost weekly basis seeking assistance.

    Good Luck

  3. scottie916

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    Win98se "access denied"

    Thanks for the info. However, I need more help than this.

    I have run the SFC to fix / replace the runndll32.exe file.
    *** Same results.

    Here is some additional information not provided.
    ** ALL Icons have been changed to a generic Windows Icon.
    ** ALL Icons when double-clicked, give me the error.
    ** MANY Windows Apps will not allow me to perform sub-functions
    ( IE will not let me right-click the properties option )
    ** IF I can find the module on the drive, I can cut/paste it into the
    <START> <RUN> command line and it will load fine.

    Is there some more help out there? Can I get this fixed? It is a real disappointment to have this problem.

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