Window titled "sdfsdf"?

  1. So I have found this on my new Windows 7 install as well as the XP Pro install now that my brother's netbook has been running for about a month. When I try to perform a task (which task varies), a window titled "sdfsdf" pops up with a single digit in it, usually 0.

    This time, my 1gb flash drive is showing up as a device with removable storage, which it should, but the icon is an open folder rather than a drive like usual. Trying to open it results in that error box. The only way I can open it on this xp install is from the autorun dialogue.

    The window, as well as something called "Project1.exe" is running from lsass.exe

    (Saved pic in 16 color bmp to meet filesize limits on uploads. My pc doesn't ACTUALLY look like that)

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  2. jmjsquared

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    Sounds to me like you are infected with a trojan which is being transmitted via that Flash Drive

    Make sure your FOLDERS --> View options permit showing "Hidden Files and Folders" as well as "... Extensions for Known File Types". Then look for a file named "autorun" in the Root of the Flash Drive. If my guess is correc and you find such a file, that is probably the source of the 'Mystery Window'.

    You should then ask one of the Malware Gurus here for help cleaning up.

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