Windows 2000 SP3 !!!!

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Aug 6, 2002
  1. Rick

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  2. guyferd

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    ha ha ha ha... :blush:
  3. Phantasm66

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  4. Mudshark

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    Do any of you guys have anything to report regarding W2K SP3?
    I have had some game lockups (Quake3)since I installed it.....
    but it did fix a problem that I had with a USB scanner.... hmmm
    let me see scan or play???
  5. Phantasm66

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    None at all. Everything is fine. Stability is great and I've started installing it on Windows 2000 boxes at work with no problems.
  6. Arris

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    I've had no issues with this laptop and SP3 yet. Installed it on the previous laptop and not had any problems. Not heard or read anything about problems related to it.
  7. Mando

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    Just to let you know there are glitches in W2k SP3.

    Most of them are reguarding network code for domains. which is a bit of a big stinker heheheh

    The problems regarding this SP has stopped the rollout of SP3 throughout my workplace (whic comprises of approx 100 W2k clients and 3 Domain servers in the "k env (W2k ad server and 2kserver)

    I shall not be rolling out SP3 until this is resolved although i have used it at home on all of my systems.

    hope this helps ya dood ;)
  8. Mudshark

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    Thanks for all the input folks.... I've gone back to SP2.
    and now everything is fine again. I guess that if you don't need
    it, don't use it?
  9. Mando

    Mando TS Rookie


    Nae worries m8 and aye until these are ironed out maybe for the best
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