Windows 2003 "open files"

By Karmashock
Mar 30, 2007
  1. I have a small file server that is used for a local database for about 20 computers. The problem we have is that the database opens WAY more files then it actually needs and tends to lock out files that it's just looking at... not even editing...

    Whenever this happens the database will report that the file is locked by whatever computer got to the file first. What's worse the lock is often maintained by the server long after the file is no longer in use. That is to say if "Bob" opens a part of the database that locks file "1" and then closes that file Jane might not be able to open it because the server will report that the file is "locked" by "bob".

    I've heard that locks can operate on a byte level basis instead of file by file basis.

    that or any other solution would be appreciated. The files that are most often locked are a few 400 meg database files we have that everyone needs to use on a regular basis.

    Just a note these files are altered all the time.
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    no one has an idea on this?
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