Windows 7 programs not working or crashing

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Apr 15, 2010
  1. First of all, for all you xp users out there, DONT SWITCH TO WINDOWS 7. Ive been plagued with problem from it since the day i got it. Every time i restart my pc, something doesnt work. Sometimes ATI control center doesnt work, avg net work service, or windows explorer just all dont work. WHen i tell it to restart, it just closes. Also, firefox crashes a lot.
    See system specs for what im using
  2. Archean

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    Well have you taken time to check your event viewer logs to get to the bottom of it? If not I suggest you to do so, because behind every system instability there is a reason.
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    If you haven't already, run the windows7 upgrade adviser to see if any incompatibilities exist between your system and Windows 7.

    You may have hardware or software incompatibilities.

    Have you upgraded from XP or done a clean install?

    Windows 7 is much better than XP or Vista. Wouldn't want you to miss out on the opportunity.


    I have noticed some of your other posts. It may be a good idea to check you ram with memtest86+ Run at least 5 passes. Best if done overnight.

    Also run a hard drive diagnostic from the manufacturer of your hard drive

    Faulty memory and/or hard drive can cause freezing and such. Results are unpredictable.
  4. thesurvivor190

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    i have another error, every time i boot up my pc, it says that it has to check Disk C: for inconsistency. Every time, there are no errors, and it just restarts. Also, i think my hard drive is just one with 2 partitions. That is getting very annoying
    Also, this is a clean install.
  5. webscaper

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    That error indicates that the "dirty bit" is being set on the hard drive after each shutdown or reboot. This means Windows is not shutting down properly and something on the hard drive is either becoming corrupted or thought to be corrupted.
    Reference this article:

    You can make a registry change that shuts off the autochk but this does not resolve the underlying problem.

    I am thinking that a repair install or a clean install may be in order here.


    Your best bet at this point is to reformat the drive and do a clean install of Windows 7 without any additional software installed. Once your system is stable, then go ahead and install software in groups to until you find what is causing your problems.

    I have been running Windows 7 since October with no glitches except for some malware I downloaded which infected my system by pegging my cpu at 100% all the time. It was easily resolved with a system restore back before the download.

    I have Microsoft Security Essentials as my AV, so in my mind the jury is still out on that product.
  6. thesurvivor190

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    i have a question: I have 2 partitions in my hard drive C: and E: if i reformat C: well i keep all my E: files? And will they be installed already? Also, i didnt really understand that windows site.
  7. webscaper

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    When you start the clean install it will show you what partitions are there. So you can choose the C: partition and reformat it.

    The E: partition will remain, but anything installed there will have to be reinstalled once Windows is up and running.

    What is important to remember from that Microsoft article is that the dirty bit on your hard drive is being set by Windows on each shutdown because it is detecting corruption somewhere. During the reboot process Autochk (Windows component) interrogates that bit. If it is set to 1, a chkdsk is performed to fix the errors because it makes no sense to start Windows with a corrupt NTFS file system.

    Now from what you are saying no errors are ever found so it is a false positive, but it is indicative of some underlying problem that is happening.

    If you do the repair (upgrade) install then everything will be as before but I doubt that it will fix all of your problems.
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