Windows 7 upgrade from ISO file

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Jun 15, 2010
  1. Hello Techspot,

    Recently I downloaded an ISO image for windows 7 professional.

    I was wondering how I can use this to upgrade the operating system, it is the 64bit file, and I currently only have 32bit vista. Because of this (i assume), mounting it to a virtual drive and trying to run the installer doesn't work, saying "your system is not compatible."

    I know I have to do a clean install, so how would I do this?

    Can you make a bootable image on a portable hard drive? Or would I need a USB stick or something like that to do it with?


  2. pjamme

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  3. superty12

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    64 bit

    First, check if your computer (not your OS) can support 64 bit.
  4. NZvista

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    I know that it can, it said 64bit capable some where when I checked it about a month ago. And now I even have 4gigs of ram, so it shouldn't be an issue (only had 2gigs when i checked)
  5. Alexexex

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    You can't use a virtual drive, since your OS is in use.

    If you want to burn a copy, just download Power ISO and burn a disk.

    After, boot from the DVD by pressing F12, depending on your computer.

    This will bring you to a menu of boot options, pick the optical drive and since its windows 7,
    the rest should be self explanatory
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