Windows 7 won't reboot, stuck on Windows starting

By yanosh
Dec 24, 2012
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  1. Sounds probably simpler than I think it is , since theres a few curious goings on here...........

    The symptoms.....

    Computer crashs on me some time ago ( a few months ago , but havent needed it again up to now )
    automatically goes to windows repair screen , shows to be loading for some time...
    windows can not fix message , try advanced options , memory diagnostic , system restore
    Memory shows no issues , and system restore continuously fails.

    In the back of my mind , I put down to software issues , possible virus. Didnt have my original disc handy ( im abroad ) so used my laptop up to now.
    Cut to the other day , I get hold of a COPY of win7 , as I have my key still.
    Installed a fresh one , probably unrelated but had the common 651 error , wouldnt connect to internet. I managed to sort this by copy and pasting raspppoe.sys from my laptop

    Only for the computer to fail in exactly the same way after restarting after updates.
    So being a glutten for punishment I did another install , this one lasted a day and a half surprisingly !
    I made sure all drivers were up to date with Driver genius , tried to update my bios , but had the latest update already. So the computer seemingly worked fine , restarted a few times with no major issues. UNTIL today !

    It did the exact same thing to me, went to the windows repairing screen , thought there was a ray of hope this time , as it said something about windows may be able to fix the problem, only for it to restart and stick on the windows is starting screen ?

    Im also now thinking I have done something to further roger it , because I was almost going to do another fresh install , and I thought , no wait , ill see if there are any other options 1st , and see if theres nothing loose inside , as it did make a long trip in the back of van from UK to Hungary. So had a prod around , checked all the connectors were ok , I did remove one of the sticks of ram , and pulled out the HDD connector and placed back.

    SO now , it wont recognize any of the bootable disc I have ? I says discs because I have a copy of winXP , that I dont think my system will run away , install to the last point yes , but run no ! well anyways any of the discs I put in , it just goes straight to the windows starting screen , and hangs there ????

    If I dont put a disc in , and wait to be prompted , and then put it in , it wont ave it !!!

    Sorry for the essay , but wanted to best explain it ! please any advice !

    Just to add , half an hour ago it was seeing the disc , and booting it up , both the xp and the windows7 now its not aving it ???
  2. Tmagic650

    Tmagic650 TS Ambassador Posts: 17,244   +234

    What is this computers make and model?
  3. Jad Chaar

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    This happened to me in the past. Try booting into safemode and running Malwarebytes to check for any malware, do a full scan. If it detects nothing, go into safemode and go to "Computer", and then right click on the C: drive, and then properties, choose the tools tab, and then press "Check now" under error-checking. Make sure both boxes are checked ("automatically fix file system errors" and "scan for and attempt to recover bad sectors"), and it will require a reboot. This will take a few hours, so give it time. Once this is complete try defragmenting in safe mode, and then you should be good to go.

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