Windows 7 x64 internet security options, compatibility

By dubwise78
Oct 27, 2009
  1. I have a new PC with a fresh install of Windows 7, 64- bit. I have installed the latest Avira Antivir Personal but have been told this is not really 64- bit compatible- is that right? If so, what other decent, free (if possible) anti virus software is fully win 7 x64 ready?

    Is it worth using a third party firewall over the Windows default? and if so any suggestions? Again, fully up to date with Windows 7 x64. I understand you have to turn off Windows firewall if using another one, right?

    Basically, what are peoples opinion on the optimum internet security suite or set up for Windows 7 x64? Any advice would be appreciated and sorry if this topic has been posted before.

    By the way, does anyone know anything about the O2 Broadband standard router and the reported security vulnerability? I was sent a new key but is it safe now?
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    I just use the builtin "Windows Firewall with Advanced Security", with both inbound and outbound traffic blocked by default. I've created some rules for apps that need access.

    I've also tried Microsoft Security Essentials, but I don't keep it installed. A scan a few times a year is enough for me.

    I'm a standard user, with a separate administrator account. If something needs administrator privileges, UAC just prompts for the password just like in OS X or Linux.
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    Ok thanks. Sounds like Windows firewall is ok, so I'll probably just stick with that. Avira seems to be working on Win7 x64 allright but I'm not 100% sure. Think I'll just stick with that too. I've always liked Aviras simplicity.
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