Windows 8 to get native SmartScreen file checking


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It looks like Microsoft is introducing a built-in file checker powered by the SmartScreen Filter in Windows 8. It appears to serve two purposes: to reactively check the file system and proactively prevent any downloaded applications from running that are unknown to the filter, according to istartedsomething, which also notes that the feature can be disabled.

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Darth Shiv

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war59312 said:
Sounds good to me, about time.
Another way to censor content. Last time I enabled anti-malware, it blocked RAdmin as a trojan (it's just another RDP tool). Anti-virus vendors shouldn't be playing installation cop on machines unless it actually IS malware. That includes MS.


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Not to be a jerk or anything, Shiv, but I actually liked the SmartScreen implementation in IE. In its current iteration, it is nothing like what you seem to think it is. I also doubt it will become such a censoring tool...

I can imagine any firewall or anti-malware program blocking things like RAdmin, and similar tools, because of their inherent nature (Like a trojan, they open up your system - completely - to anyone who knows the right IP Address and login info).

Per Hansson

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So in your view we should then block Microsoft Terminal Services
Symantec PC Anywhere
Ultra VNC and it's variants like Tightvnc

etc etc etc?


I don't think that's what he is saying at all. I think the point is, that software, by default should not be allowed through. If I am managing systems I will have configuration in place, either through GP or image, that will allow the software I choose to run on my users machines.

Letting everything run around all willy nilly is a ridiculous standpoint, and this forces people to understand what their software is doing.