Windows cannot find any hard drives.

By askformore
Nov 23, 2005
  1. Hi all, I tried formatting my pc but run into trouble saying setup did not find any hard drives on your computer. however everything is connected and working properly, then I remember when I go to dealer to put in new parts and they teach me how to format my pc, but its been awhile and I did everyhting right I dont know why it doesnt work though. at setup I press f6 to specify additional device and chose the correct one, but after I press enter at the setup menu it still says setup did not find any hard drives on your computer. At first I don't remember how to do it, then it flash back about the f6 part I thought it should work, putting in the floppy then pick the correct one. But it still doesn't work. anyone know what I've done wrong or missing? I format it the first time, but just losing memories on the steps. Can someone help me, I need to format my pc. Thanks a bunch!
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