Windows Core OS is reportedly coming as a modular platform for multiple form factors


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Windows Latest reports multiple mentions of "Windows Core OS" in a support document for Windows 10 (1903) published by Microsoft earlier this year, making it the first time the company has officially labeled this software that's widely expected to be a modular version of Windows 10.

Microsoft's own hardware such as the HoloLens 2 and Surface Hub 2 have been reportedly running this software underneath, and the highly-anticipated "Centaurus" that's powered by a new "Lite" version is most likely running it on top of Windows Core OS, according to Tom's Hardware.

The Windows 10 help document that refers to this software in three instances (added on April 19, 2019), relates to basic level Windows diagnostic events and fields :

  • wcmp The Windows Shell Composer ID.
  • wPId The Windows Core OS product ID.
  • wsID the Windows Core OS session ID.

Microsoft is expected to use Windows Core OS as a base for supporting multiple device form factors with other versions of Windows built on top. The new "Lite" version of Windows apparently sits on top of this core and is said to have a "vague familiarity with what we know today as Windows from a UI perspective."

It's very likely that the company will shed some light on Windows Core OS in its upcoming Surface event scheduled for October 2nd, so we'll be able to learn more about the new software pretty soon.

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Windows OS, the most disruptive OS on the market. No, you can't do what you want, because it either got moved to yet another buried place, never got tested properly, or it simply disappeared. But hey! New features!


HUH?? Form Factor is the raw physical dimensions of the device. You need a special OS to understand/control this??? Absolutely not! The Responsive CSS implementation resolves the presentation issues for various device displays; all the way from a small iPhone 4 to a large tablet or even full desktop screen size. A webpage designer can even do better than just hide/show content (responsive design) and even show different content to different devices, aka phone, tablet, desktop.

I wish my last website was not proprietary as screen shots from it would knock your socks off on the issue of mobile device support!


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This is simply fake news. The "Core OS" on the linked MS that page does not refer to a separate operating system product, but simply to the core of the operating system. Currently there are around 6000 other mentions of the term "core os" at, and none of them refers to a distinct product, what's been referred a "Windows Core OS" in this and similar reportings.

Also, the fields were not added in the linked commit on the 19th of April, but in a different one, a day before.