Windows Installer Error : 1619 "This installation package could not . ." xp sp2

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Jul 31, 2005
  1. I get the error message '1619' ("This installation package could not be opened. verify that the package exists and that you can access it, or contact the application vendor to verify that this is a valid windows installer package") .. while trying to download and install the latest Java Runtime Environment (v.5.0).

    When i try to download it im asked to install the ActiveX Control "J2SE Runtime Environmet 5.0 Update 4' from 'Sun Microsystems, Inc'". .then the previously mentioned error message appears. .

    Microsoft's website tells me to install SP2, but i already have that installed. . and they offer no more suggestions.

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    Problem Solved.

    *sheepish cough*. . . ermm . .all i had to do was was a manual download (online mode). .although, that was after alot of general clean-up work on my comp, so im not sure exactly what solved the problem.
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    Here's whats wrong.......

    After many talks with Microsoft and their morons for techs here's what they admitted:

    its a microsoft problem. It's called their poorly produced firewall. Its blocking the download installer from accessing the internet. Although SOME installers will acess the internet, microsoft's installer will not let the java sun access.

    I was not able to download new updates for java for two and a half years!

    Heres what you do:

    Go into your computers security settings, turn off that horrrible microsoft firewall! DO IT NOW! and go to and download zonealarm (free edition) install. Miscrsoft security center will recgonise this as a valid firewall and not bug you about it.

    After installing the zone alarm firewall, go back to and download your java. When the window pops up for zone alarm asking to accept windows installer to access the internet, click accept. Problem solved.

    If you have Zone alarm already installed and using it, check the program controll to soo if there is a red "X" in the access part. Make sure it has a "check" mark next to Windows Installer.

    The soulution that Sun systems gives is so that a complete install of the platform will by pass the windows security firewall once.

    Windows firewall has created MANY problems for hundreds of computers I fix.

    "Don't let microsoft ruin your day! Just click NO! "
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