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Jan 13, 2007
  1. I'm trying to move all of my music files from my Mac (OS 10.4) to my PC (Win XP Pro SP2). I was told that you can just connect them both together through the ethernet port. When I do that my ethernet connection says that its connected, but besides that nothing happens. I can't connect to the Mac unless I have my wireless connection up. I tried just sending the files over the wireless connection but my Mac is USB 1.1, and it took 5 minutes just to send 2 of the 2000 songs.

    So is it really possible to just connect the two? Or what would be an easier way. If there is nothing I can go set them both up next to the router, but that'll be my last resort.

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    The Mac is smart enough to use a regular ethernet cable but the PC might be needing a crossover cable to directly connect. So if you can't make it work with a straight cable then you can use the straight cable to go to your router, the instructions below are the same either way.

    You need to enable windows file sharing on the Mac. System Preferences -> Sharing. Then you have a couple options. You can either enable a full access shared directory on your PC and browse to it through opening up Network and connecting to the shared directory (you might want to disable wireless so it doesn't try to connect that way). OR you can browse to your Mac from your PC by typing in the IP address of your Mac, then entering your username and password for your Mac. Then you have full access to the same directories you do with your username on the Mac.
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    I know for sure that I had the windows sharing on since I was able to get my files from my old dell. Also when I had originally hooked it up I had internet connection sharing on my router it showed that I had my mac hooked up to the internet, so when I tried to use ftp [what I had it set up for] it said it couldnt find it which was why i was so confused that it could share the connection but not be able to find it.
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    Internet Connection Sharing isn't designed or meant for file transferring. What it does is allows a computer to connect to yours and use yours as a gateway.

    Were you able to try what I suggested?
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    Hmm well using the straight cable got me nothing. I couldn't connect to the Mac or my Dell so I guess I'll just move the Mac downstairs to my router.
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