Windows Media Player 10

By redtzm96
Sep 30, 2006
  1. Hi all, I need some help here..

    I have WMP10 installed. I need to get rid of it first to re-install due to codec problem. What ever video played, it is in black and white but when I play it using Media Player Classic, the color is there. I installed other codec pack such as ACE Mega Codec Pack, Storm Codec Pack and DiVX, it doesn't solve the problem. The other problem is, when I view the folder of video clip with thumbnail as the folder view, an error of explorer.exe will occur. It only happen when I view the file using thumbnail view. So, I though re-installing WMP will help.

    I edit the registry and try to remove it that way, but WMP still there. I checked the version and it is v10.00.00.4040 which prevent from WMP installer from continuing the setup.

    Is there any idea or suggestion?
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