Windows not booting with my new hard drive

By nongeek123
Dec 27, 2008
  1. EDIT: I use windows XP pro (or is it home, im not sure)

    Well, recently i got a new seagate 500gb hard drive to go with my old seagate 250gb. After a few days of running them together, both with a copy of windows on them, an error message would appear at the screen where it checks for a cd to boot to. the error said:
    NVIDIA Boot Agent 242.0535
    Copyright(c) 2001-2005 NVIDIA Corporation
    Copyright(c) 1997-2000 Introl corporation


    (at the end of the message it had a spinning slash mark(/) with an underscore under it)

    . the only way i could get it the the window where you select the instance of windows you want to run is by unplugging the 500gb and turning the PC on, getting to the windows select screen(yes,, it still lists 2 copies of windows) and then turning it off, replugging the hard drive in, and turning it back on. this problem occurs frequently, i exchanged my hard drive, i even reinstalled windows on the 250, and the problem keeps occuring, i am curreently in the process of repartitioning both of them and it will take a few days to really see if that error goes away. I plan on movning all my files back to the 500 and removing the 250 if the 500gb will boot, which i highly doubt. Can anyone here tell me how to fix this problem? I really need help. My hardware is:

    ECS Geforce6100SM-M mobo
    2.2 AMD athlon cpu
    500gb 7200.11 seagate
    250gb 7200.10 seagate
    350 watt psu
    7200 nvidia gfx card
    4gb RAM OCZ RAM
    i dont think you need to know my monitors or mouse or keyboard
  2. nongeek123

    nongeek123 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Ok, i tried partitioning both of them and it didnt work, so now my only course of action is to use a second coputer, put all the files on the 500gb to the 250 without installing windows on the 250 and then trying, but im not sure if it will work. Im still open to any help becuase i really want to use my computer again.
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