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Jun 20, 2005
  1. I'm having prolems with the sound on my computer. I get noise from my speakers at all and this occured like a few days ago and i can't figure it out. I noticed there was no noise when i went into music net .com to listen to the music i have downloaded and when I clicked on a song to play- this had popped up on the screen. This song cannot be played because another application is currently using the Windows sound hardware. I'm ahving the hardest time trying to figure it out I get no noise at all I even thought it was just the music net but even when i sign on i get no dial tone it just signs on any games I play anything I do with noise I get nothing. I even checked the speakers and there fine. I'm writing you and wondering if you can help me with this problem and figure out what's wrong. Well Thank you for you're time. sincerly yours Matthew. Write me back at if I don't hear from you.

    *Before everyone gets all upset how a Guest managed to post in this forum I'll explain. He posted in response to an old frontpage news article with this, which was completely irrevelant to the news. So I moved it here.
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    Your sound card drivers may have gotten corrupt. Go to the Device Manager in the System Control panel and remove your sound card. Then reboot, you may have to find the drivers online and re-install them manually after that.
  3. marcus_811

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  4. N3051M

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    well you can start by checking your caps lock...

    have you tried to follow SNG's advice? for something that must be fixed, there must be action.

    to make it step by step:
    -on desktop right-click my Computer>properties.
    -navigate to the hardware tab and then click on device manager.
    -find a tree that is labled "sounds multimedia and game controllers"
    -expand that tree, and find your audio sound card drivers.
    -Have any driver cds ready just in case, or download them. do not use them yet.
    -reboot the pc, then let windows find its own drivers, without inserting any sort of cds yet.
  5. marcus_811

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    sorry bout the caps ok i checked em all and did some trouble shooting it told me everything was working properly. this just happen like right out of the blue. i mean the only audio i get on my computer is the music i have saved in my media player, or a video i may have downloaded to my computer. it doesnt make any sounds on here say i am on yahoo messenger i get no alert sounds, or if i am on trying to watch a video i can see the video but hear no audio, then someone invited me to a voicechat on yahoo and it told me this computer does not support the required audio compression format. its also telling me other programs are using my system and close them down and try again i have no clue on whats going on and i have rebooted so many times.i cant use my windows soundrecorder or say i want to burn a cd and i try to play the music back to make sure its the right file, it will not play back, but i can listen to music thats in my media player.
  6. WinDoWsMoNoPoLy

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    Maybe your soundcard just sucks?
  7. marcus_811

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    i dont think so it was just workin and it went to acting stupid
  8. N3051M

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    now check your media settings in each program, just to make sure you didnt accidentaly disabled them there..

    [Internet Explorer>tools>Internet Options>Advanced tab]
    scroll down to multimedia and confirm the "Play sound on webpages" is checked

    Yahoo IM>properties (cant recall where to look here, sorry)

    MSN Messenger>Tools>Options>Messages tab (sounds for alerts)
    MSN Messenger>Tools>Audio and Video settings...

    Same with other programs..
  9. marcus_811

    marcus_811 TS Rookie

    i did that as well and nothing still but the audio i have in my media player someone said something about a codec
  10. N3051M

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    sorry.. missed your thread..

    if its a codec problem then you may need to reinstall it.. try going to device manager>Sounds, video and game controler and uninstall "audio codecs", reboot and let windows reinstall it.

    I'm trying to think up of more things if that doesnt work, but we'll see how it goes..
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