Windows\System32\Conf\System File corrupt

By howardg
Sep 23, 2006
  1. I am unable to boot from my master HDD (Seagate SATA). I get the message that Windows\System32\Conf\System File is corrupt. Using my OEM Win XP Home Edition SP1 disc I tried to activate R but I get a message that no hard drive is detected. The same thing happens if I try to load Windows option. I removed the HDD and using an external enclosure attached the HDD via USB to a laptop to see if the disc works and it does at it recognises all the Windows folders.

    I have used another HDD and loaded Windows to get my system running. Can I copy the System32\config\ files from this working version of Windows to the corrupt version. Any help appreciated.
  2. Rik

    Rik Banned Posts: 3,814

    When using the windows install disk, you have to press F6 and put sata driver in the drive. The sata driver should be on the cd that came with your mobo.
  3. Rick

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    This indicates your drive or memory is failing or you've suffered from (possibly) serious data loss due to a damage file system, virus or a few other things.

    As mentioned above, you need to press F6 to install SATA drivers (probably), unless your drive is not SATA and is now intermittently failing.
  4. howardg

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    Thanks for your reply. I can access the Sata drive as I have set it up as an exyernal drive. I cannot access the "my folders" it denies me access. I need to retrieve these at some stage. However I can access the program folders and the Windows folders. Is it possible to repair the corrupt part of the Windows folder by accessing it (the corrupt version of XP is now an external HDD). If possible how do I recognise the corrupt file and how do I repair.
    Any help appreciated.
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