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Windows will not recognize USB devices

By Guest ยท 5 replies
Aug 24, 2006
  1. Alright, I have several USB devices, some connected via a Hub, and some plugged into the Motherboard ports.

    The problem is that my USB ports will not recognize any new devices; if i plug in my camera or mp3 player. The computer will not do anything; the devices themselves will initialize (the camera chirps up and the mp3 says initializing), but they cannot actually communicate or interact with my system. How can i remedy this situation.

    PS: Im having a problem with shutting down; which i also posted here; this maybe related?

    Thank You
  2. update

    PS: I have windows xp, sp2

    system is p4 530, 1gb ddr2, abit aa8 3rdeye motherboard, 7800gt
  3. sylibull

    sylibull TS Rookie

    Have you checked the Device Manager to check for yellow or red things that may be wrong?
    Also, have you unplugged all the usb devices from the computer to see if it then shuts down normally?
    Have you installed any new device drivers lately? If so, uninstall them and see if it changes anything.
  4. Nothing red or yellow in device manager, except for this asus enhanced driver thing(nothing in my pc is asus now); i tried uninstalling it, but it dosent go. Anyways, this has existed for a long time, so i dont think its the culprit.

    I dont think i installed any new device drivers, unless it does them automatically (i just got a sumsung z5 today)

    I will unplug everything and reboot, right after i finish posting and willl add after i get back on.

  5. I booted in safe mode, removed and unistalled the yellow (unnecessary driver).

    Unfortunately problem still remains; i can plug USB devices in; they will get power, but the computer will not interact or communicate; although i hear the windows "ding" sound for new hardware
  6. Problem seems to be caused by my samsung mp3 player; along with not allowing the PC to boot. Seems my computer and the samsung dont play nice; off to futureshop then for an ipod
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